Some tips for beating the heat

During the hot and humid summer they suffer, especially those who do not have air conditioning at home, but there are solutions that can increase the temperatures. Fortunately, there are alternatives to using air conditioners that allow us to save money and, at the same time, protect the environment. Discover, in this article, some tips to fight against the heat at home without having to use the air conditioning.

Opt for ceiling fans

Fans, especially ceiling fans, are undoubtedly the most practical and economical alternative to air conditioning.  By orienting the blades correctly, the ceiling fan can save up to 40% energy and money in summer and up to 10% in winter. The important thing is to choose a ceiling fan equipped with the function of reversing the rotation of the motor, in order to be able to use it effectively even in winter.  And to make sure that in the summer, the blades turn counter-clockwise, so as to direct the air downwards and create a cool breeze.

Use curtains

Tents are an excellent ally to combat the summer heat.  Opt for light-colored curtains to put on the windows. Because the colors tend to reflect the sun, increasing the heat. And install thermal and insulating curtains, so as to reduce the accumulation of heat inside the house. The internal temperature, in fact, can increase between 65% and 77%, depending on the exposure, due to the amount of sun that penetrates through the windows.

Keep doors and windows closed

Keeping shutters, windows and curtains closed is a great tip for beating the heat without resorting to air conditioning.  In fact, most heat enters through windows during the day. And if the outside temperature tends to drop in the evening, open the windows of the house to create electricity. But remember to close them in the morning, before the air warms up again.  Thanks to this easy trick, you can lower the indoor temperature by a few degrees, especially if the house faces south/west. In addition, to keep the air fresh inside the house, it is a good idea to keep the doors closed from one room to another during the day, and to open them before going to sleep, so that the  coolness can circulate between rooms.

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