Some good plants for the skin

Plants and flowers offer a multitude of useful substances for the skin. From the most active, such as those contained in certain essential oils, precious for their regenerating and disinfecting power, to the most home remedies such as those that can be obtained from the familiar chamomile or fragrant lavender. Discover, in this article, some good plants for your skin.

Burdock, purifies the skin

In the case of combination skin, which tends to be oily, with impurities, with acne and enlarged pores, burdock is a good remedy. This plant exerts from the inside a detoxifying, draining and purifying activity of the hepatobiliary tracts and blood. It has hypoglycemic and cholesterol-lowering properties. From the outside at the topical level, it exerts a sebum-regulating, purifying, astringent action.

Calendula, soothes the skin

In the case of delicate skin, often reddened by climate change, cold air, or excess heat, rosacea, sunburn, dermatitis, calendula has an effective emollient and rebalancing action. Topically, in fact, it hydrates, softens and nourishes the skin. De-inflames tissues and rebalances their elasticity, heals wounds. From the inside, it has a regulating action on the production of cholesterol and triglycerides. It stimulates bile secretion, protects the gastric mucosa, regulates blood pressure and strengthens the venous walls.

Aloe Vera, remineralises the skin

In the case of skin that is asphyxiated, demineralized, dull, intoxicated by poor diet, tobacco and alcohol, pale in color tending towards grayish, it is necessary to resort to a remedy with great regenerating power such as that of  Aloe Vera. This plant has a purifying, anti-inflammatory, nourishing and remineralizing action from the inside.  Indeed, it purifies and regulates the intestine, restoring the good habitat of the bacterial flora. It acts on the immune system by strengthening it, protects the gastric mucous membranes thanks to its gel rich in mucopolysaccharides. It stimulates the production of collagen, thus helping the tissues to regain tone and vitality, not only for the well-being of the skin but also of the cartilage. From the outside, Aloe Vera has a refreshing, toning and anti-inflammatory action. It stimulates microcirculation, hydrates, nourishes and also stimulates cell regeneration which is a burst of life.

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